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From Kylei Benoir from Baby Couture we have a new nail polish that fits kids or adults. See first picture. Secondly, there is a color changing scripted jellybean bracelet! You can change it to so many colors I lost track. Picture below shows a few of the possible selections. To get these two group gifts you must go to Baby Couture inside the main entrance is a sign for joining their group. Once you join the group, you will find these two gifts in the notice history tab. While there, go to the center of the room you will find a very large cupcake that gives out gifts. Right click to take a bite out of the cupcake. See the cupcake outfit I won? There’s all sorts of gifts in the cupcake, you don’t know which one you will get. You can take a bite out of the cupcake every 10 minutes! Ok guys have fun! Over and out for now.

Wonderful nail polish!

Just some of the colors you can get when clicking and changing this bracelet!

1 of the random gifts from taking a bite out of the cupcake

Available at Slumber Kidz by Ella Paderhorn is the furniture featured below:

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Aline Athens of Rabbit’s Nest offers a whole slew of wonderful dollarbies as well as a discounted item area and a lucky chair. Shown below are some of the many wonderful offerings.

Everything on this wall is 1L!

This is the discount and lucky chair area!

Need nice inexpensive furniture to save on your budget? Available today only most of the items in the picture below. Items are mostly 1L a couple are 5L. Including nice artwork, rugs, and furniture. Visit Munspain (click link for slurl) to purchase. This sale is today only! 4/4/09 -Saturday.


Cannot provide a picture for you. You can find Free Blow-up LollipopsĀ  blue, green, orange,pink and more at

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Was teleporting around visiting various kid shops and came across a full treasure trove of free items offered by Paty Paule of Cartoon Kids, both boys and girls. There’s free outfits, free complete avatars, free toys, free Easter costume and more. See pictures below. Visit Cartoon Kids (click for hyper link landmark slurl) to get these gifts.

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